Business Courses

Course Name Class Size Who should attend? Description Duration
Cross-Cultural Leadership 20+ Executive and Senior Leaders Course designed to engage students with real examples of cultural challenges and strategies for overcoming obstacles 3 Days+
Principles for Effective Leadership 15+ Executive and Senior Consultants Strategies and methods for effective leadership with the organization 2 Days+
Project Management: Project Culture 12+ Executive and Senior Leaders Strategies outlined for establishing and improving the culture of a project team 3 Days+
Six Sigma: How to Use Data to Ask Great Questions 20+ Front Line and Mid-Level Managers Taught by a Certified Six Sigma Blackbelt; interactive session on practical uses of data to make decisions 2 Days+
Change Management 25+ Mid-Level Managers A systems approach to managing change effectively 3 Days+
Emotional Intelligence for Leaders 20+ Executive and Senior Leaders Scholar-Practitioner approach to gaining a strong understanding of emotional intelligence and how to apply it at work 3 Days+
Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Learning and Embracing 20+ Executive and Mid-Level Managers Learning your CQ score! Strategies and applicable exercises for improving Cultural Intelligence (CQ). 3 Days+
Leadership Wellness 20+ All Management Staff Instructed by Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC); Session review with leadership team on wellness followed by 1-on-1 sessions 2 Days +
Diagnosing the Organization 25+ Executives, Internal Consultants and Process Managers Practical and real view of the organization; use participative learning to diagnosis real business processes 3 Days+
Leadership Training and Development 40+ Anyone Modern leadership theory and practice has it foundations within Indian Country 4 Days+
Career Transition: Learning to Embrace Change 15+ All Levels Measurement and assessment of management team; designed to illicit career aspirations 3 Days+

* Instructors highlighted for each course are based on availability

* Class size is estimated