Michael Bonfiglio
Educational Leadership Director

Mike Bonfiglio, M.S. has 37 years of experience in Education, including 11 years as a high school teacher in the areas of Social Studies, Physical Education, and Alternative Education in South Florida. He has been a high school Assistant Principal and Principal since 1992. Mr. Bonfiglio was the Principal of the first municipally owned and operated charter high school in the United States and is currently the Principal of Point Option Non-traditional High School in Newport News, Virginia (Newport News Public Schools). During the 2011-2012 school year a record 64 students completed their diploma requirements while attending Point Option.


In addition to his teaching and administrative responsibilities, Mike has served as a head football coach at two high schools and an Assistant football coach at two universities. After his retirement from coaching, Mike served as the color-commentator for the Broward County “High School Football Game of the Week” and co-host of “Broward Sports Weekly-Live” for Continental Cablevision. He also co-hosted the “Florida High School Gridiron Report” on Florida’s Sunshine Sports Cable Network. While coaching in Florida, Mike co-authored “Winning Without Drugs” an educational drug prevention program for student-athletes that received a state award and the endorsement of several professional teams, including the Miami Dolphins.


Mr. Bonfiglio has experience in both urban and suburban education. This experience includes public, private, charter, non-traditional, & alternative educational settings. His areas of expertise include student and school-wide discipline, instructional evaluation, teacher development, extra-curricular activities, and policy development. As a school-wide discipline and classroom management expert, Mike served as National Director and Trainer "The Center For Teacher Effectiveness". He has traveled extensively throughout the United States conducting full-day seminars and professional development sessions for individual schools and school districts.