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  • Why hire an OrgScience consultant?
    Expertise. Based on an experienced and educated assessment, we can quickly engage scholar-practitioners across the globe. From addressing questions such as, "how does my company 'feel and appear' to my customers and employees?", "is this corporation diverse in its hiring practices or idea generation?", "are we positioned to sustain or grow in the future based on our culture?", OrgScience will gather, assess, and help position your organization succeed.
  • Do you offer in-person and virtual training?
    Yes to both. Our team provides tailored team training and development in many topics. Some training topics include Team Conflict Resolution, Remote Communication Effectiveness, Leadership Development, etc.. Most of our clients request and receive customized training solutions to meet their specific needs.
  • Can you do business across the United States?
    Yes. We are an IRS-approved S-Corporation capable of engaging in business across all 50 United States.
  • Are you an approved Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)?
    Yes. OrgScience has been an approved MBE since 2013 and is a documented Native American-Owned Corporation.
  • Do you offer individual and group counseling?
    Yes. Dr. Rebecca Sheffield, PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Board Certified Tele-Mental Health (BC-TMH), and Virginia Approved LPC & LMFT Supervisor leads all individual counseling and works to assure complete confidentiality. OrgScience also employs additional counseling professionals across the United States.
  • Are coaching and counseling conducted virtually or on-site?
    Both. Our counselors perform most counseling virtually. However, for corporate teams, our counselors can be onsite if requested.
  • Can our corporate leadership team and employees receive counseling from OrgScience?
    Yes. OrgScience will assess your team's needs, assign a counselor, and establish a productive relationship based on mutual fit. All assignments are led and appointed by Dr. Rebecca Sheffield, PhD, LPC, LMFT. We can also establish corporate-level agreements to facilitate performance coaching and individual counseling for team members.
  • How quickly can your program and project managers engage?
    OrgScience can typically have a Senior Project Manager engaged within 48 hours. Our team works remotely under most circumstances. As requested, our leaders can travel. All OrgScience team members are fully vaccinated and take CDC precautions seriously. See COVID-19 question below for more information.
  • Is it true that OrgScience employees know their corporate billable rates?
    YES! All of our employees are made 100% aware of what professional service rates OrgScience charges as a result of our collective work. This internal transparency ensures equitable treatment for our employees and allows us to attract and retain the very best talent.
  • How do you ensure work-life balance for your employees?
    Our philosophy is: family comes first. Through teamwork, keeping corporate jargon to a minimum, and engaging in businesses dedicated to helping humankind, OrgScience is a team of kind and hardworking people.
  • Are you a fully-insured corporation?
    Yes. OrgScience is fully-insured to meet the needs of those commonly requested by the Fortune 100 United States businesses.
  • What safety procedures and requirements will be in place for in-person training?
    All OrgScience staff members are fully-vaccinated. Additionally, we will continue to stay updated on evolving CDC and state guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.
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