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Work-Life Balance

Is it Real? Can we actually adjust to work while balancing life's challenges and wonderful moments?

Without any hesitation since the start of the COVID pandemic, many people around the world have left their jobs / careers to seek other ways of sustenance.

For many years I've heard others say, "it's just business. it's not personal."
This statement could not be farther from the truth

We work for many reasons and one of the primary decisions to work is sustenance. Any decision that a business makes affects its employees and each worker uses this job for some means of sustainment. How then can the statement, "it's just business, it's not personal" hold any real valid positive meaning?

Understanding is the New 'Employee Bonus'

Workers are more savvy now than in most previous economic times. Employees are equally as intelligent, cognizant, and capable as they've always been. However, they are much more aware due to the speed and agility of modern communications. I listened to a gentlemen in the grocery store recently passionately describe his disgust with the lack of workforce as we stood in line to buy our groceries. I pondered his position as I drove away from the store and realized that from his perspective, he had a valid point. However, from the perspective of the many young and older people that typically staffed the check out lines, his points were lacking.

Why would someone stand on their feet often dealing with irate and possibly germ carrying customers if they didn't feel another choice was possible? I don't believe it meant that employees are lazy, uncaring, or unwilling to work. I believe the decision to not engage in this work can likely be traced to a lack of organization level employee 'belonging'. Did the ownership genuinely understand the risks that the employees were taking to simply do their job? Did the leadership care for the employee as a person versus a designated 'human resource'?

Understanding, or the lack of, has become the most poignant form of 'bonus' that most workers seek today. Organization leaders: by authentically caring for your team members, workers will and always have shown their gratitude by working diligently and caring for your customers.


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