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Program and Project Management


PMP & Agile Skilled Leaders.

"Blame Process,

Not People"

Agile and Waterfall

Our Senior Program and Project Managers plan, guide, and lead on tried & true methods to bring projects to closure.

Skilled in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, we focus on the business needs first and embrace technology as tools used to deliver great products.

Our Senior Program and Project Managers are all PMP Educated Professionals dedicated to your organization. 


OrgScience Team Members embrace change. We seek to understand and influence the best decisions to protect, sustain, and grow business.

From 'unfreezing to change to refreezing', our team recognizes that each of these critical elements of the change process requires the acceptance and skills of people.

To us, change is much more than a process or a methodology. The acceptance or adversity to change is about people.

fact based

Communication requires skill and finesse. Above all communication within business requires fact-based delivery.

OrgScience operates on data and our team focuses on delivering simple, effective, and executive communication.

Each leader approaches every situation with one premise in mind: 'all intentions and people are good - when needed, blame process, not people'

Project Leadership
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